~ The One & Only Miss Annabelle ~

If you don’t know Miss Annabelle, you are missing out on one of Life’s Little (and Big) Treasures.  I am so blessed to know this beautiful, charming soul, and very excited to have photographed her for the Talk Tools 2019 Magazine Cover!  And since October is DownSyndrome Awareness Month, it’s a perfect time to introduce you. . . . .

Annabelle is a beautiful model with some serious moves! Kind-spirited with some opinions!  Chatty and oh so Fun!  Smart with some sass. . . no, a lot of sass!!!  🙂   A tap and jazz ballerina FOR REAL, with quite an athletic side:  t-ball, soccer AND basketball!  And, so very excited to be an official kindergartener at Bishop Hogan!                                          Behind every great little human being is a great family:  siblings that adore her, a dad that lifts her up, and a mom with a fierce love that refuses to accept any limits on her daughter.

One way Annabelle has succeeded grandly is by working with Talk Tools since birth, now acting as their “spokesmodel!”  🙂  Talk Tools is am amazing company that focusses on not only DownSyndrome patients, but anyone with speech, oral placement, or feeding disorders.  They provide therapy, techniques, training and tools to assist in the development of speech clarity.  Check  TalkTools out, and read about Annabelle’s JOURNEY too!

But first, let me just show you this Beautiful Spunky Girl . . . . .



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