~Becoming The Mr. & Mrs. Krumme~

The Lovely Kristi & her Dapper Husband Jon, married in Jamesport, Mo, on the most Blessed Day of Love:  September 8, 2018  (my 17th anniversary.  :))

Kristi & Jon weren’t looking for love, but the connection was instant and undeniable. They’re not even sure when they started dating as their love was built on a long, deep friendship with lots and lots of laughter, next thing they knew they were engaged!  They are self-professed homebodies who get a little “adventurous” sometimes.  They love Jesus, their families, their dogs, museums, and history, probably in that order.  :).

Bride & Bridesmaid Hairstyles by Morgan Gardner and Trish Rinehart.  Bride’s make-up by Leah Dawson.  The day was decorated with Sunflowers, Homemade Quilts, Cowboy Boots, & Homemade Food by the Bride’s Family:  Whole Hog Roast, Jalepeno Cheese Bread, and an Amazing Desert Bar Including Cupcakes – Lemon Tart Filled, Dark Chocolate, and Red Velvet, Oh my!

May God Bless your Marriage AND your Friendship!



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