Miss Khloey

What a way to kick off Senior Season!  This little sassy thing reminded me of a young Christy Brinkley!  In an effort to create something meaningful, we took off to an old farm that was an important part of her family’s history.  We climbed to the top of old horse barns, drug around old vintage furniture and took some shots (not shots) with an amazing turquoise gun and an even more amazing turquoise firebird.  One of my favorites was the older abandoned barn below, it was beautiful!  In an effort to create some warm sunshine coming through the barn slats, I sat my butt smack down in the weeds. . . in a skirt, that was short and light and airy, the best thing to wear in the summer.  Not the best thing to wear when weeds are poison ivy.  Never having this before, the last week of my life had me questioning my entire existence, but creating art with a purpose reminds me again.  Especially when it with such a sweet soul!  💕                 (make-up by Holly Ropp)




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