Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Hutchings 6 ~ 09 ~ 18

High School Sweethearts!

They rebelliously parked in an “employees only” parking lot where they do not work, so they could get on to their dinner date.   The business owner tried to chase them out, but the car wouldn’t start.  They jumped the battery, but it didn’t help because it was disconnected.  Which the groom knew, but went along with the whole jumping idea to save face.  Needless to say, they obviously eventually got out of that parking lot because they made it to the altar!  🙂

They love adventures together, including fishing, solving escape rooms, cruising around in old trucks & late night runs to IHOP.  But, they are are taking off on their biggest adventure yet. . . . the bride is moving to Germany while her new husband serves his country.

(Traditional Vows in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, but Bridal Party Reception entrance to AC/DC!  Bride’s Hair by Holly Lindsay ; Bride’s Make-up by Bethany Provolt; Wedding Cake by Francine’s Pastry Parlor; Flowers by the Bride herself with some help from Hannah Woodward.)



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