Piper Jane and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Birthday Day!

Yesterday I made a homemade dessert for my Piper Jane’s birthday.  One may think that is not a big deal, but for everyone who knows me, they are laughing hysterically right now as this would be a feat of extraordinary measures.  In another words, A VERY BIG FEAT.  But actually, it was no feat at all because it is still unfinished.  It seems that words, such as fold and peak and heat until simmer (isn’t that an oxymoron?) are not my love language.  They are not even in my speaking language.  However, I put on my apron (more hysterics) and rolled up my sleeves .  . . even though up until yesterday, the closest to homemade I EVER got was “Nestle Tollhouse” (for emphasis read this aloud in your best Phoebe Buffay French accent.)
Piper didn’t choose a simple cake recipe.  Nope.  It was homemade mousse with homemade ganache and homemade chocolate shavings.  Did I mention homemade?!  It would have been faster to actually “make a home,” then this thing.  This has now turned into a 48 hour project, even thou Pinterest claimed this was a 10 minute recipe (which is the actual truth behind the whole Pinterest fail deal.)  Did you know that if you allow gelatin to sit longer then the recipe says that it turns into rubber?  Actually, no. . . it turns into Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel shoe inserts.  Which taste nothing like ganache.
Hopefully, Piper’s homemade birthday dessert will taste better then my kitchen looks, and that taste will grant me forgiveness from my gourmet chef with the very organized and clean kitchen – my husband.
Yes, I know there’s a roll of paper towels in my sink.  (Aren’t the eyeglasses on them so cute?  Except I don’t really understand that as a decorative paper towel object.)  And yes, those slimy, drippy things hanging off the side of the sink are indeed more paper towels – wet ones, which work just as well as a dishcloth when you’re in a state of emergency and using dishcloths that were previously mandated to other items five minutes ago repulse you.  And yes, those are multiple coffee cups, which were used for measuring cups.  It turns out that even if they have the same name – cup – it’s not necessarily a close enough measurement to actually create “peaks,”  whatever those are.  And finally, yes those are Oreo spatterings.  It turns out that using the bottom of a glass as a rolling pin is ingenious, trying to clean it with the sprayer – not so much.
 In summary, the truth is yesterday was not only the beginning of my kitchen adventure, it was also actually Piper’s birthday.  However, the birthday celebration will take place today, as will the ending of my kitchen adventure.  As soon as I finish figuring out how to shave chocolate.  And, WE WILL EAT this “homemade” monstrosity in Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, I mean my kitchen, I mean my husband’s kitchen.
I need your help to make this up to her, so let me share her biggest dream. . . .
Yesterday, she turned eleven, the same age as her big sister Gray was when she started building her Angel House.  Piper has always wanted to do something as amazing as her big sissy, so she has spent the last year talking about different ideas.  She always seemed to come back to “Water.”  So we researched.  And we do what you do – created a Facebook page.  As we were nearing her birthday, she worked fast and furious to finish her “About Me” section of her new page.  She wrote this all herself and it’s adorable, I would love it if you would check it out?  I know a big surprise gift that I can share with her tonite is a large number of followers, so that she will feel support on this adventure!  I know she is very excited to share her dream with you, so check back often as we start posting interesting facts, stories and opportunities for those of you who’d like to also give!  🙂  Follow Piper Jane for her Surprise Birthday Gift HERE!
(IF you’re ready to donate, click here, her goal is 78 DAYS!!!!  And thank you for changing the world with her!  :))
(Side note, if you have one of our Limited 2018 calendars, you’ll find Piper Jane is our model this month.  If not, pick one up at Chillicothe Hy-Vee right now on clearance for only $10, with 100% of proceeds still going to Livingston County Humane Society.  My parter Carl McBee and I will be making the donation this month, so it would be fantastic to inform Leslie that 100% of the calendars were sold!  🙂 )

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