What happens when you move for good….

On our very first Sunday, our new pastor spoke on stepping out in faith and stretching your wings to the point of discomfort. Check. And, I have never felt so much “at home” through that fear. I am at more peace and in less stress then I have ever been in my life; it feels good to go where God tells you even when you have absolutely no idea why. . . . . yet!
My amazing cousin will sell my house when she sells it (may have cried a few tears when I walked out the door of the best house ever built); My studio will get done when it gets done (Yes, I’m staying open, I love y’all way too much); my family will survive – missing me will make them appreciate me more.
Right now,  I’m just enjoying Hannibal.  My new house is wonderful, the one I “let” my husband pick out all by himself. My neighbor has generously loaned me her internet until mine gets hooked up, as well as loaned me her granddaughter (a “Kami/Anya”) for Piper. Gray has already been invited to a super fun party, perused her new HIGH SCHOOL (yikes almost forgot THAT in all this chaos), and found out her youth pastor is our neighbor! I have eaten so badly and shopped so much that I almost feel guilty. Almost.
I’m getting ready to get my hairs did b/c I have a hot date tonight with my boy at the local brewery. Tomorrow, Piper gets to meet her teacher and has her outfits planed for the first 47 days. . . I can hear the girls downstairs now, fighting and giggling, while washing woodwork by hand. YESSSSS (on the woodwork & giggling part!) On Thursday the girls go to their first day of school with strangers and they are being so brave (a little prayer for them please, if you think about it!) Also on Thursday, I have a coffee date with my new friend. . . . she doesn’t know it yet, but she will be responsible for helping me cope with the first day high school and the last first day of elementary; we may or may not have Bailey’s. On Friday, I may or may not be driving to Bruno b/c well, going to Chicago for us is like going to St. Louis for most of you. (insert subliminal msg to BUY my Bruno tickets here.).
I am having some tiny Chillicothe withdrawals, but more people have promised to come see me then they ever did when I lived there.  The start of this adventure has been pretty grand. . . I may or may not miss y’all. . . I guess it depends on if you actually come visit. . . . 


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