$700, Colonel Sanders & a Yellow Python

Some #HarveyHouseLove for #CyberMonday ~
My husband & his roommate returned home one eve, having forgotten to feed their TWELVE FOOT YELLOW PYTHON!!!
Ol’ Yellar was just ticked enough to slide his cage lid over just enough to wriggle out – even with two 45 pound weights on top!
(I could totally do this if left in this state, ask my kids!) The guys layered up in leather motorcycle jackets, ski masks, goggles, several pairs of mismatched gloves (plus whatever random hunting gear these non-hunters could find. Then, their “search & rescue” began. (In just MINUTES, they are the ones that would need rescued!)
OH to have just ONE TINY PHOTO of their fashion statements in a heap on the ground with Ol’ Yellar sprawled on top!
When I was a little girl, my great-grandpa was a combination of SuperMan & Colonel Sanders. You never knew when he would randomly pop in for a visit from traveling the country, his wavy white hair making him look about 7 foot tall, instead of his 6’6″ – he was my hero at the time. He would park his Winnebego at the end of my grandparents driveway & live IN IT for a few days. What I wouldn’t give for a photo myself, that hair & that Winnebego!
These are the two stories that come to mind when I’m wishing for something captured forever in a photo.
Who or what DO YOU WISH you had captured forever in a photo?
What about yourself that summer you had the best tan ever? Or, the year you did that one thing to your hair? What about a past pet or a long forgotten, old friend? The funniest story you’ve ever been a part of or a family tradition no longer practiced? The grandparent who taught you how to cook or garden or read or ride a bike. . . .or pick your own switch for being too mouthy???
For a chance to WIN, go to http://www.Facebook.com/RealLifeArt & COMMENT under this story status about what you wished you had captured forever in a photo, LIKE our page & SHARE this Status with the hashtag #HarveyHouseLove (so we can track it!!!) Maybe we can help you create a new photo moment that you’ll have captured forever. . . . . We are giving away one $100 gift certificate PLUS TWO $50 gift certificates (not valid on current sessions/orders.) PLUS, TEN people will have the option to purchase $100 gift certificates for $50 OFF!!!! Kicks off Cyber Monday & continues all week. . . . You can share this post as much as you want for extra entries!!!


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