I broke a leg with my car. . . .

Ok. I hit a bird. I always slightly break for them, but they never need it. This one did apparently, the one time I didn’t. See, you should always trust your gut. It landed on hood and didn’t move, so I’m screaming and pulling over. No movement. So I’m driving like crazy fast and slamming on my brakes so it will “fly” off. Nothing. Pulled over again. Then, its like a Tommy Boy experience, it just stands up on my car and looks around. What to do now? So, we both sit there for awhile. Finally, it KINDA flew off. . . . in front of my car. I’m thinking I’m gonna actually run over it this time, so I get out to make sure. It’s not under my car, but in a little bush.  Its leg is unnaturally bent in an odd position and it’s just looking at me with these big scared, eyes.  I think its leg is broken. I wonder for a minute if I could set it. Then, I wonder if I should run over it. I wonder if there’s any vet that would send an ambulance. I finally left it in the bush, hoping it would stay shady enough to be comfortable as it dies. Then, I wonder if I should find some worms and water for a last meal.  And I cry. Then, I remember the scripture that God sees every sparrow fall. And, I wonder if this is a sparrow. And, I cry a little more as I pray for him to miraculously straighten his leg or at least make him die NOW! Then, I wonder how this random bird can make me so sad, but a human can piss me off so much I think about running them over. And, now I’ve said too much……..


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