Besties For Life

How often do you meet a family. . . .

The mom actually likes the mom?  The dad actually likes the dad?  The kids actually like the kids?

What about values, faith, humor, fashion, hobbies, music?  Can you talk passionately about God, enjoy a glass of wine, and say anything that comes to mind. . . . . ANYTHING. . . . all in the same evening?  What about disciplining THEIR kids in FRONT of them?  Stay in the same house with them for a week?  Not agree on something & actually express that?

Our oldest babies have been friends since they were toddlers.  Through their friendship, we have learned that the miles do not matter.  Today, I’m so thankful to have a daughter and a “niece” that have reminded me how important it is to never lose track of those special families in our lives that actually like us back.  The real us.  If you’re lucky enough to find a family like this, don’t lose track.  If you haven’t yet, pay attention.  They are pretty priceless.  🙂



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