Battles Worth Fighting. . . .

I have known this beautiful bride Libby (& her back), since she was a little girl.  I remember a particular trip to the lake when I was a youth group leader.  Libby was about 14; we stayed up late, ate crap, giggled a lot, and decided to make a 1am trip to Wal Mart.  With one of Libby’s besties Tara, and several other girls in tow, they begged me to color a strip of their hair.  Of course, we got purple, red, and blue!  The responsible adult that I am (see previous 3 sentences), I did make them all call their moms for permission.  Luckily, the whole group had some pretty cool moms that fully realized purple hair was not a battle in which they chose to engage.

I soon understood the battles that Libby’s parents DID chose to fight, and I was truly inspired as a parent.  Libby shared that she knew a girl who snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to meet a boy.  Libby – at age 14 may I remind you – was APPALLED that this girl was not grounded for life!  She continued about how this girl would probably not learn her lesson and that she was not really getting the punishment that would help her.  It was so incredibly inspiring to me that Libby was not mad or jealous of this girl’s lack of appropriate punishment, as well as how her sweet her spirit was about the situation.  She was honestly extremely worried about the girl, while being obviously very appreciative of her parents role in her life.

I have never forgotten this moment, especially when issues came up with my girls.  I have chosen very carefully the battles that are worth fighting.  And, when I DO chose a battle to fight, I fight with a vengeance.  For my daughters.  In hopes that someday, their father will so proudly walk them down the aisle and deliver them to the husband of their dreams, of our dreams and of God’s dreams.  Just like this proud dad.



One thought on “Battles Worth Fighting. . . .

  1. Libby has always been a special young lady. She has a sweet heart and is always genuine. She fights for what she believes and is very close to God. She never ceases to amaze me. She is an inspiration. I pray my children find the same strength and courage Libby has. Her parents are one of a kind. I have known them all of my life and they are so special to me. Their family makes my heart smile.


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