Military Wives aka Single Mommies

Diapers, Bottles, Dishes, oh my.  Crying, Laughing, Tantrums, oh my.  Up early, Up late, Up all night, oh my.  The list can go on & on, but I don’t know if I could.  Not make the lists, but go on and on. . . . . repeating these cycles daily without a break with daddy’s help.  Yet military wives DO.  And, there’s not even a Military Wives Day.

I love, love, love the military.  I thank them.  I adore them.  I respect them.  I pray for them.  They are the real heroes in this amazing life we get to have, just by being an American.  Just don’t forget to love, thank, love, adore, respect, & pray for the Military Wives Being Mommies.

Today, a special shout out to just one of the many who is celebrating her birthday this week without her husband, but with diapers, bottles, dishes, crying, laughing, tantrums, and potentially NO sleep.  Happy Birthday Week Kylie & have a wonderful weekend!  We had so much getting to visit with you and photographing one of your sweet babies (below.)

And, Thank YOU to each & every one of you amazing ladies out there celebrating your weekend just like Kylie, we hope you have a good one & we’re praying for you!!!  We know that you’re all sisters, connected by this same lifestyle & some days, barely surviving.  We found this website we hope you will check out:  Survival Sisters



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