My apologies to all farting, I mean visiting, Clients. . . .

You know how it goes. . . . . spent hundreds at the arcade in order to win the much coveted prizes, worth only pennies.  My daughter’s favorite win is invaluable, much to the demise of anyone visiting the studio.
She spent the day at the studio, here’s a little sample of the ongoing conversation:
“So, mom. . . which couch do your customers sit on the most?”
“They sit anywhere they want.”
“But, which do they sit on the most?”
“Probably the gold couch when visiting, the green couch when ordering.”
“Do you have any customers ordering or visiting today?”
I look up as the questions have become so insistent.  I see the twinkle in her eye.  I see just a small corner of pink sticking out behind her back.

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