I think I’ll start a Blog, Take 3 (CLICK ME to READ)

So, it’s 2:46 am.  Monday night is my favorite.  I’m a self-professed night owl addict, and as most addicts, I enjoy immersing myself into my drug alone.   I justify it by turning it into a “work night,” which honestly, is my second addiction.

Monday night is my one night a week to feed my addictions:  It’s my night to myself, my night to design wedding albums, to sketch new ideas, to binge-listen to Netflix, randomly taking a break by perusing an occasional furniture website or Pinterest board.  But even when on break, I’m still working.  You see, I’m currently re-doing the back of the studio and a new kick-ass chaise lounge would make the back room very happy.  And me.  And, the perfect Pinterest pin might make one of my upcoming brides or seniors very happy.  And me.  Because, I love my brides and seniors.

But tonight, my break brings on a Blog attack.  This is my third blog.  Well, you know what they say.

About charms and such. . . . . . . . . . . . .


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